• Josh                

    I was born in Rekjavik Iceland to Canadian parents living abroad. We moved to Canada when I was eight. If I ever meet you in person, be sure to ask me how this fact once resulted in me being denied entry into the United States.


    My favourite animals are snakes. Snakes are shy, secretive, and despite what may seem to be a disadvantage, are incredibly successful. Their power, grace, and beauty is unsurpassed in my eyes. The fluidity of their movement is poetry. No mater where I am on this planet, if there are snakes to be found, I will be looking for them.


    I have come to realize that empathy for people is essential for the restoration of the planet. My efforts focus on community-based, locally managed conservation projects that address human needs and environmental issues.

  • Karen           

    Growing up, I had the privilege of spending all of my summers at Four Mile Lake. That is where my love of nature began. It must have been the frogs that started it all. Oh, how I love those frogs...


    I love the natural world. I love to bask in the beauty and marvel at the majesty of it all. I am especially drawn to water - everything from a mere trickle to a raging ocean. Water calms me, soothes me and refreshes me. Perhaps its the Aquarian in me, but I love to be near it, to see it, to hear it, to feel it, to be in it, and to drink it.


    My awe and curiosity as well as concern for the state of the plant's health and future drew me toward conservation. After graduating from university, I worked for conservation organizations which ignited my passion for instilling an understanding, appreciation and respect for the natural world in as many people as possible.

  • Liam            

    To me, a stream is a special place, where I can go to unwind and re-connect with nature. It represents an ecosystem teeming with life, an area of pristine environment.


    Trout are incredible. Despite their need for cold water, they have endured the industrial revolution and remain a pristine animal. They represent purity and clarity such as the waters they inhabit and are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.


    I've always been a  curious and logical person and although I don't lack creativity, I appreciate tasks that use a method or formula. I like to develop ideas and am constantly looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge in all fields.

  • James         

    When I was younger, I was afraid of drowning in water. Now that I'm older, I want to swim in every body of water I see. I've swam in Lake Huron, Lake Superior, the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Fundy, the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea.


    My favourite thing about chameleons is their camouflage. I can relate because I like to hide and I'm good at hiding. I also know chameleons change colour to communicate. I wish I could change colour to communicate!


    I'm always full of energy! I wake up at the crack of dawn and I'm on the go all day until it's time for bed. I'm really outgoing and love to talk to anyone who is willing to have a chat. When I was a toddler, people had a hard time understanding me but I still talked to them!

Take care of yourself     |   Take care of the Earth


You only have one life and one Earth.


© Destination Conservation, 2017

Take care of yourself

Take care of the Earth

 You only have one life and one Earth


© Destination Conservation, 2017