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Reptile Biology & ID - September 24th-25th

This course focuses on the biology and identification of Ontario's reptile species. Our purpose is to build a better understanding of these species and their identification to ensure participants of the course can effectively identify Ontario reptiles in the field. The final test is a practical test with live animals that you have to identify. Register early as the course is limited to 35 participants and it is always full! Click on the image above to learn more.

Species at Risk Research in Ontario

Progress with the five-lined skink research has been steady. This is the third summer that the lizards are being tracked to establish their movement patterns, habitat use, and home range size. Small 7mm x 1mm pit tags and a special tag reader help me detect the lizards while they remain obscured from view under rocks, logs, soil, moss and lichen. We are finding out some interesting things about where they spend their time and how far they move. Click on the image above to learn more.